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Get your customers’ attention while they watch TV .  To drive sales and make more money, you will need to think outside the box.

Soundog Signage Network (SSN) has opportunities to promote brands through digital advertising. This affordable, innovative solution “wraps” live or broadcasted TV with a fully-branded digital signage  – empowering you to drive sales and entertain your customers – all on the same screen.

You’ll be able to reach an engaged audience at the right time and at the right place. People can’t take their eyes off the TVs.

100% Brand Safe Content.
Pay only for the ads that actually run in front of your target audience

Case Study – Jameson Irish Whiskey – DOOH

A direct out of home company (DOOH), along with Jameson Irish Whiskey, surveyed people who visited 100+ bars and restaurants where a TV (digital signage) was displaying custom Jameson advertisements.


Based on this survey, it was found that the group that was exposed to Jameson Ad on digital signage/TV was more likely to rate Jameson more favorably, and 13% more likely to purchase Jameson than the non-exposed group.

When asked if they recalled seeing a Jameson Ad in the last 48 hours, there was a 16% positive difference in those that were exposed to digital signage/TV.

92% of respondents reported recognizing the Jameson brand after being exposed to the Ad on digital signage/TV, compared to just 74% of those who were not exposed.


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