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Improve Member Experience

The reason to visit a health club is usually personal, so the experience should be too.  

The Soundog app allows club members to use their smart phones to listen to live TV within your facility for an heightened experience. The app allows the customer to select any channel from the TV in the facility, providing a more enhanced experience and work-out. Enrich their experience with a sound solution that’s as personal as their exercise routine.

Save money on the cost of cardio audio equipment repairs TV audio is on members own device

Soundog Fitness Service Plan Includes:

  • Eight Channels of Audio Sound sent via WiFi to members phones
  • Plug N Play Hardware
  • Wireless Access Point Provided
  • 100% maintenance included in service
  • Free App on Apple ad Google Play Store

Go anywhere in gym and hear the TV’s, not just on the treadmills and ellipticals