Televised events are not silent movies, so why make your customers watch them as if they were? Soundog allows you to offer powerful high definition audio directly from your in-house television monitors. All it takes is a small device, along with a FREE app and your sports bar, restaurant, fitness center, waiting room or practically any venue can be upfitted for personalized, amplified mobile sound.


Since 2002, The Soundog Company has provided this revolutionary, personalized audio technology in an analog format – but that’s so turn of the century! Now we’re all about digital, wireless tech, and we’ve even added a dynamic Mobile Marketing Network allowing audience engagement via the app on their smart devices or our proprietary tabletop device.

We provide in-house marketing for your Soundog system, encouraging customers to download the FREE app and listen to your TV(s), while receiving customized offers from you through a private network on their smartphones or tablets. Take advantage of our local inbound marketing, mobile referral program, and targeted direct mail marketing services to help you grow your business. All of this functionality takes a very well trained canine! That’s a good boy, Soundog!

The Soundog team is located in Walled Lake, Michigan. Our alpha pack leader, President and Founder is Doug Buday. Currently, over 2,000 establishments rely on Soundog to bring 21st century sound to their establishments’ TV viewers.

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