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Give Customers What They Want

When customers are in your establishment, they want to have a good time and you want them to like it enough to come back. So, why not do everything to keep them satisfied?

When people see a TV, the natural response is to listen to what’s happening.  Most people don’t like to watch a TV without sound.  They’re missing all of the important information. It’s like watching a silent movie. It’s so annoying.  So, why do so many businesses have TVs without sound?  It’s usually because having each TV with the sound cranked up would be too noisy and very distracting.

Enter Soundog…the TV audio solution. Customers can listen to any TV display  with a Soundog Speaker on their table. With Sundog, customers can watch a sports game and hear the commentary, watch the news and hear the reporter, or simply just hear whatever TV show they are seeing.  It’s personal sound for a shared TV experience!


The table top speaker allows audio surfing, on up to 8 programs being broadcast simultaneously, via digital push buttons and easy on/off volume control. Each receiver is hand-fed with exclusive FCC approved, long range audio frequency that will not interfere with other wireless devices. The Speaker is water-proof and tamper resistant.

Charging Station

AKA "The Doghouse" - the charging station can charge up to 8 Speakers at a time. Charging time is * hours and usage time is up to 14 hours on a full charge.


The wireless Transmitter is used with your current audio sources, such as CATV boxes, satellite receivers, or DSS receivers. Transmitter can be set up with up to 8 TVs.