How can Soundog Speakers increase your ROI?

A poll was conducted with customers using Soundog Speakers at sports bars in the Midwest. Customer were asked:

1)Would you like to hear TV sound and still talk?

2)Did the Soundog Speaker enhance your visit?

The results show 90% of customers agree that being able to listen to the TV AND TALK to others at their table enhanced their visit.

Based upon their feedback, here is the Game Winning Scenario to increase your ROI:

It’s a close game and a table of 3 guests are listening & watching a close pro football game.  They order another round of 20 oz beers (3) for $15.75.  Using our Soundog Service Plan, the cost of 1 Speaker per day  is $ .75, per table.  This would increase your revenue to $15.00…for just ONE table.  Imagine if this scenario is duplicated 16 times or more per day!